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Why choose us as your consultant?


  • 20+ years of collective experience in Marketing.
  • A team of people who has gained the expertise by working for leading organisations such as Intuit, WSO2, Leo Burnett etc.
  • Our core is the Sales funnel. Funnels are the backbone of any business and getting your funnel right is key. We live and breathe these.
  • Frameworks guide our thinking. We use various digital marketing frameworks such as RACE to ensure our marketing starts off with ‘thinking’.
  • Science behind content. Content is the modern king of marketing. Understanding micro moments is key and this science guides how we suggest content. It’s not a hunch but a science.
  • Strategy that makes sense. Buyer moments are complicated. This needs to be understood first. We do people based marketing and don’t rely only on cookie.
  • We are creative. Marketing does not have to be just a white paper download. We believe even B2B can be shaken up with a bit of creativity.
  • We focus on buyer journeys. This is our bread and butter. We want to understand what the potential buyers are doing and augment brands during those moments.

What we will cover during the consultation call:


  • Understand the problems or marketing challenges you are facing currently.
  • Understand your company’s objectives (be it, maximizing leads, revenue etc.).
  • Explain how the inbound marketing approach can add value to your business in terms of solving your problems and achieving your company’s objectives.
  • Provide you with actionable recommendations to fine-tune your marketing strategy immediately.
  • Discuss on the next steps including, how you could leverage on this partnership.

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