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The Inbound Marketing Methodology



You want traffic to your site but you also want it to be relevant. You ideally want the right people who will go on the journey with you. But, who are the right people? What are their biggest challenges? Why would they come to your site?

This is where the inbound marketing approach comes into play. Based on market research buyer personas are developed. Then, the right content is developed to the right audience at the right time.

This approach helps to build authority for your organization and rank high in search engine results (SEO) and thereby continually create awareness and attract the right audience towards you.


Once the relationship and trust is established with the audience, converting them (lead) and obtaining their details via content offerings (e.g download an eBook) is key.

The content offers will be mapped against the identified personas and strategies will be used to convert your audience to quality leads. We will also continue the conversation with them using engagement tools such as lead flows, bots and automation.

The relationship with your leads will be further strengthened by making their experience more personalized.


You have your happy customers now but you want them to be delighted and actively promote your organization to their peers. Inbound marketing will help you grow your customers, keep them excited and make them your advocates.

A variety of tactical tools are used to deliver constant value to your customers and thereby encourage them to engage with communities and promote your brands or organization. Email marketing, personalized content, marketing automation are the tactical tools, to name a few.

Our Services

Our services include,


  • Developing buyer personas to understand your audience.
  • Carrying out keyword research to identify the gaps/needs in the market.
  • Website designing.
  • Blogging and content development.
  • Onsite and offsite SEO.
  • Carrying out targeted social media/ad campaigns.
  • Tracking, analytics and campaign management.

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